Massage Therapy

by Brian Cameron, LMT | Nov 19, 2018

Massage Therapy is one of the best things you can do for your total well-being.  There are numerous health benefits of getting a massage.  Massage Therapy is one of the most effective and natural ways to treat ailments from the physical to the emotional.  It can also help with pain, stress and anxiety.  Some of the benefits include relief from pain.  From chronic pain to pain caused by exercise, there are various types of massage that address these issues. 

Massage induces muscle relaxation and increases circulation.   With a program of massage most symptoms are greatly reduced.  It is also a great way to relieve stress.  Massage raises the body’s production and then release of endorphins which are hormones that enhance immunity and a sense of well-being.  Reduction of stress overall, prevents future disease caused by stress-related issues. In addition to an increase in circulation, massage stimulates the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and improves overall bodily function, boosting immunity.

Massages also improves posture and flexibility, lowers blood pressure, is a great technique for total body relaxation.  Massage therapy acts as supplement to the more traditional techniques such as physical therapy, reducing recovery time in those with injuries.  Regular massage can flush out toxins which otherwise would be stored in the body, as well as breaking up scar tissue in areas which have been injured.  Stamina, healing and energy are enhanced with regular massage. Lastly, a little-known fact about massage is that it can help regulate blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.