Why Protection Against the Sun is Essential for Your Health

August, 2022 | ProNatural Wellness Team

Did you apply your sunscreen today? We often only think of sunscreen when we’re heading to the beach, picnicking, or doing other outside activities during the summer. However, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen every day – throughout the entire year!

Keep reading to discover why protecting ourselves against the sun is essential to our everyday health.

What Are Sun Rays?

The sun emits three types of radiation in the form of wavelengths, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

The two types of rays known to affect our health are “UV-A” and “UV-B.” (UV stands for “Ultraviolet”)

UV-A are long wavelengths that can pierce through the outer layers of your skin into the middle layer of your skin.

UV-B rays are short waves that reach the outer layer of your skin.

When these sun rays hit our skin, the melanin within our skin reacts and absorbs these rays. When the amount of UV rays exceeds the protection our melanin provides, that is when we develop a sunburn.

Health Effects from Sun Rays

Sun exposure can cause multiple health hazards, including:

• Eye and vision damage
• Suppression of the immune system
• Premature aging of the skin
• Skin cancer

However, safe exposure (when you are using sunscreen) to the sun can bring essential health benefits such as:

• Vitamin D production which helps calcium absorption for stronger, healthier bones
• Supports sleep
• Increase of energy
• Can improve mental health and mood

How to Protect Yourself Against the Sun

Be sure that the sunscreen you are using is “Broad Spectrum” this means that the sunscreen will protect against both types of UV rays. Also ensure that your sunscreen is has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that is at least 30.

Chemical and Physical Sunscreens – What’s the Difference?
• Chemical sunscreen consists of multiple ingredients that absorb into your skin. This type of sunscreen is often less thick than physical sunscreen and takes at least 20-30 minutes to be fully effective against the sun.
• Physical sunscreen includes two ingredients: Zinc oxide, and titanium oxide. These minerals sit on top of the skin and reflect the UV rays.

Shade and Protective Clothing:
Keep your skin away from the sun by wearing tightly woven clothes that cover your arms and legs. Also, be sure to stay in the shade when you can.

Be Extra Cautious:
The sun’s rays are strongest between10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Sun rays can also reflect onto the skin from surfaces such as water, snow, and sand. Some medications and supplements can make you extra sensitive to the sun – be sure to ask your doctor if what you are taking can make you sensitive to sun exposure.

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– ProNatural Wellness Group Team