Summer Safety at Any Age

June 19, 2024 | ProNatural Wellness Team

Summer is here, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the weather! Going outside has amazing health benefits. According to a study from the National Library of Medicine, time spent outdoors reduces stress and improves focus and thinking. Plus, when we’re outside we’re more likely to be
engaging in exercise, which is great for our physical health.

Still, it’s important to take some precautions. There are a few outdoor hazards to account for. Luckily, most of them are pretty easy to protect ourselves against.

The Sun

We’ve all had the unpleasant experience of being sunburned. Not only is it painful, but in the long run
sunburns can lead to skin cancer. Prevent sunburn with these tips:

    • Wear sunscreen and reapply according to the bottle instructions.
    • Cover up with long sleeves and a hat.
    • Protect your eyes with sunglasses.
    • Stay in the shade.

The sun can also be drying to skin and hair. Regularly moisturizing your skin and drinking enough water will help. Vitamins can help promote healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E is the best-known of these and has been used by dermatologists for many years. You can also purchase multivitamin
formulations that specifically target skin and hair health, like the H-S-N supplement available in ProNatural’s shop.

Injury Prevention

Physical activity benefits every system in the body, but if you aren’t careful, you can end up injured. Each activity carries its own risks, so make sure you are knowledgeable about safety before trying something new. Be sure to start slow, too. If you have never been in a kayak before, try it out on a
nice, calm lake before taking it to the high seas. Maintaining a healthy body also prevents injury. Stretching, regular low-impact exercise, and healthy eating will keep your body in tip-top shape. Supplements like collagen, vitamin D, and magnesium – all available in ProNatural’s shop – support bone, joint, and tendon health. Remember, age and medical conditions can put you at greater risk for injury. A healthcare provider can give personalized advice on injury prevention. If you have sustained an injury and are experiencing inflammation or pain, StemWave(TM) treatment
might be an option for you. ProNatural Wellness is able to provide this drug-free pain therapy.

Heat Safety

Hot weather can be wonderful, but when it gets really hot, the risk of heat exhaustion goes up.
When the temperature creeps toward the 90s or even 100 degrees, stay safe with the following

    • Go to an air-conditioned space during the hottest hours of the day.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Cool off by going for a swim.
    • Monitor yourself for symptoms of heat exhaustion: dizziness, fatigue, fainting, nausea, hyperventilating, swelling of the feet or hands, severe sweating, and cold, clammy skin.

If you think you may have heat exhaustion, seek a cool space immediately to rest and drink water. If you don’t feel better in about an hour, seek medical attention.

We at ProNatural Wellness Group wish you a safe, healthy, and fun summer. Enjoy the blue skies, green trees, and sandy beaches. Taking precautions against sun, injury, and heat means less worrying, leaving you free to appreciate this beautiful time of year.

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