5 Tips for Men to Stay Healthy

June, 2022 | ProNatural Wellness Team

To Recognize Men’s Health Month, we’d like to raise awareness about health care for men. Did you know that on average men die five years earlier than women?
So, help yourself, or the men in your life start making healthier decisions today with these health tips.

Tip 1: Eat your Veggies:

Did you know that heart disease is the number-one cause of death in men in the United States?

Although there are many factors that cause heart disease, one way you can work to prevent it is by reducing your red meat intake and increasing your intake of heart-healthy vegetables.

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and collard greens are full of antioxidants and vitamin K which plays a big role in heart and artery health. So next time you’re offered a side salad with your meal take it!

Tip 2: Wear Sunscreen:

It’s about to be summertime in New England – and that means increased sun exposure. Cumulative sun exposure can cause skin cancer in men and women.

When you have a sunburn, the process of your body attempting to heal the skin can result in melanoma or other forms of skin cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK “Getting sunburn just once every two years can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer, compared to never being burnt.”

So, whether you’re just taking a walk outside or renovating your entire yard, be sure to apply sunscreen before you step outside. And when you know you’ll be out in the sun for an extended time, be sure to reapply according to the product’s recommendations.

Tip 3: Reduce Your Stress:

It’s normal for everyone to feel stress at some point, but long-term stress can cause physical and emotional symptoms.

The way each person experiences stress can be different but generally, physical feelings of stress show up in the following ways:

○ Headache, aches, and pains
○ High blood pressure
○ Jaw clenching
○ Dizziness or shaking
○ Muscle tension
○ Stomach pain or digestive issues
○ Exhaustion or difficulty sleeping

If you’re experiencing signs of long-term stress, don’t ignore it. Read more about stress here.

Tip 4: Visit Your Doctor for Yearly Checkups

Generally, you know your body best – but there is no reason when you are feeling ill or injured to skip the doctor. Typically, extended periods of pain in the body are a sign that something may need attention by a healthcare professional.

As we get older, it is also important to get your yearly physical to ensure you are taking the proper steps in preventative care.

Before you go consider some questions you would like to ask your doctor and write them down before your appointment.

Tip 5: Take a Multi-Vitamins

Everyone knows they should have a balanced diet, but depending on your daily meals, you may be missing out on essential vitamins and nutrients – that’s why taking a daily multivitamin is a key part of maintaining overall health.

There are blends that are curated for men specifically, such as Innate Men’s One Daily which includes zinc to support prostate health, Vitamin D to aid bone health, and other
supplements to support overall health.

We hope these tips help men and boys to stay healthy this month, and every month!

If you’re unsure what steps you should take next to support your health, contact us today!

– ProNatural Wellness Group Team