The Facts Behind Food Labels

by Dr. Ann Aresco | Aug 10, 2018

Expiration dates on food products means that you can safely consume it until that date. The expiration date does not mean that all the ingredients and vitamins listed on the label are optimal until that date. In fact, once the food is harvested the nutritional value begins to deteriorate. Whole foods are loaded with nutrients (from the plant) and fulfill the nutritional needs of the human body. Eating whole foods as soon as possible provides the optimum benefit for the human body.

Dr. Aresco, Naturopathic physician

Whenever I see a new patient from a different country exhibiting digestive issues, I tell them don’t eat American food. It will kill you. They usually mention that when they go home to their country they eat whatever they want and have no issues and I whole heartedly agree with them. Some countries won’t allow American food and GMO produce (or ingredients with GMO) to be shipped into their country and for good reason. So why, in a country such as the United States with the ability through technology, organic farming, optimal growing conditions etc. and so many different ways to produce food, do Americans eat so much food that is bad for them? The reason: marketing campaigns driven by profit-hungry corporations.

Just because the FDA says food is ok to eat, it doesn’t mean it is good for you. OK to consume does not equal healthy. The FDA’s job is actually just the opposite of this. It only steps in when something is found to be NOT ok to eat. The FDA does not review all foods grown, manufactured or shipped in the US before it is consumed. I read long ago in a book by John Robbins that FDA inspectors of chicken facilities wouldn’t touch chicken as a food. The rules to pass an inspection are apparently a pretty low bar to reach. The FDA’s job is to step in and stop the sales of food that is making Americans sick or killing them. That’s it.

If the food you are eating is gradually ruining your health it is not their job to stop you from eating it. That is your job. So the next time someone tells you a supplement isn’t regulated by the FDA you can tell them “neither is your food.” When it comes to consumption of anything you are on your own to determine what is safe for you and won’t cause long term health issues. You also have to determine what is good for you and will sustain your good health.

ProNatural Physicians Group has a Registered Dietician on staff who will be able to help patients establish healthy diets.

Written by Dr. Ann Aresco, the founder of ProNatural Physicians Group in Berlin. Our medical practice consists of NDs who are trained in naturopathic and traditional medicine. We care for the patient, focusing on overall health, wellness and prevention. ProNatural Physicians Group staff also includes APRN’s and a Registered Dietitian. In addition to our medical services, we also offer counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture and offer nutritional supplements.