Diabetes Can Be Reversed

by Dr. Martin Opoku Gyamfi, | April, 2018

Diabetes Can Be Reversed

Diabetes is as invisible as it is deadly, impacting our families and our communities. Every 21 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes. Diagnosis means you are much more likely to go blind. To lose a limb. To die of a heart attack or a stroke. Millions more are at high risk of developing diabetes. We must take a bold action and increase our investment in research to turn this tide. With your support, together, we can continue to fight back.” – American Diabetes Association

Despite all of the research that has been available to us for more than 60 years, diabetes is still a devastating disease that impacts an increasing number of patients. It is not for a lack of investment in research, but because most of the research funding and treatment approaches have focused on the wrong issues. To the average person, diabetes is a “sugar disease” and so the commonsense way of dealing with it is to reduce sugar intake or eliminate all carbohydrates from the diet. Unfortunately, the prevailing medical treatment of diabetes, which is no different from the approach of the average person, is to manage the blood sugar in an attempt to prevent vascular complications, such as blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, impotence, foot and leg amputation, hearing impairment and nerve damage.

This approach has failed, and continues to fail, in keeping diabetes in check. Why is the gold standard treatment plan falling short? Because even though the hallmark of diabetes is high blood sugar, this is merely a symptom of an underlying issue. The primary problem is fat poisoning of the body tissues. Fat deposits in the cells of various organs such as the liver, pancreas, and muscles. The tissues then become resistant to the action of insulin. Because the key responsibility of insulin is to drive blood sugar into the cells, insulin resistance eventually leads to high blood sugar.

There is a new diabetes treatment plan that goes beyond the same old ineffective approach of solely avoiding sugars. This proactive methodology doesn’t just manage diabetes, but it can defeat and even reverse diabetes in patients by addressing the core issues.

ProNatural Physicians Group’s Diabetes Reversal Clinic involves a nutritional program and a supplement regimen to help the body cleanse itself of the fat deposits while restoring insulin responsiveness. We can further prevent the cycle of fat poisoning and insulin resistance by reducing the overall consumption of fat and cholesterol and increasing physical activity.

If you have diabetes and are determined to put a stop to the management of your diabetes symptoms, and you are willing and ready to take action towards complete recovery, then a reversal program is appropriate and effective. ProNatural Physicians Group’s program is designed to help reverse diabetes and provide results in as little as three months.

The Diabetes Reversal Clinic begins with a free, one-on-one 15-minute consultation and information session with Dr. Martin Opoku Gyamfi who explains the program in detail. Call ProNatural Physicians Group to schedule an appointment at 860 829 0707.