The Cost Myth of Whole Organic Foods

by Dr. Ann Aresco | Aug, 2018


The Cost Myth of Whole Organic Foods


“ut healthy food is “more expensive”! Please do not say this in my office without bracing yourself for a quick come back. Whole organic foods are not that much more expensive than non-organic varieties. If the pound of bell peppers (no one should be eating non-organic bell peppers) is 50 cents more per pound and you are buying 1 you are paying 10 or 15 cents more and eliminating the toxic part of the bell peppers. Check out for the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List of 2018.

If you are eating whole foods (paleo, keto diets if you need more direction) you will feel “full” for longer periods of time with less food. You will take in more nutrients than you can possibly get from processed food. You can easily consume smaller portions.

When you consume processed foods they turn quickly into sugars, you will be hungry again and in an hour or so you will be looking for more foods.

Most Americans eat far more protein than is necessary. In one day if you eat one piece of chicken, or fish or meat the size of the palm of your hand, that’s all you need for that day. Since you are only eating one small piece don’t think of saving money, think of saving your health and buy organic grass-fed organic meats and wild-caught fish. Protein comes in more foods than just animal-based such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

The American public is finally getting through to the processed food industry, that we are going to save our health by seeking healthy, non-toxic food. Even major grocers are now selling organic. If organic was all anyone bought, all our food would be organic.

People should not think about saving pennies when it comes to what you consume and think more about saving your health. Processed foods might be less expensive but the medicine to try and stop the symptoms caused by long-term consumption is not inexpensive.

ProNatural Physicians Group has a Registered Dietitian on staff who will be able to help patients establish healthy diets.

Written by Dr. Ann Aresco, the founder of ProNatural Physicians Group in Berlin. Our medical practice consists of NDs who are trained in naturopathic and traditional medicine. We care for the patient, focusing on overall health, wellness, and prevention.